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Inside the Intelligence

I was tapped to conduct a conversation about grappling with the need for a change of worldview in Inside the Intelligence, a plan that was laid out for my development some years ago.
It has been a guide for me ever since, wising me up about helping this to become a healing rather than a hurting world, and I’m now getting the conversation underway on my new SUE Speaks website. I’m calling it the Conversation As If Our Lives Depended On It and you’re invited to take part. What can be said to inform and inspire each other on the road to the next reality?
Also, I’m producing SUE’s Video Programs to inspire the world with the profound wisdom that Inside the Intelligence contains. I’ve done six episodes so far. Have a look.
Some years ago I tuned into the Intelligence again and what it said then holds true for today:
There is a logic to human existence. We wrote a manual of what that logic is. This is an intelligence speaking. It is the wisdom of the circle.
Dialogue is the necessary activity now to save the earth. Everyone sees glimmers of a peril looming; all must attend. Reordering must come. It will not result from legislation or from mediating between warring factions. Any imposition will just create more war. No, this needs to BE an otherness that births inside the womb of now.
This is the voice of humanity’s soul. Snap to attention. Come off the meditation cushion. The family needs to forge. The mother is overblown with pregnancy. A creature must emerge.


We Need a Conversation About How to Reorganize the World

Green World

Bopping along through history, with different players but a through line, we go from the emergence of primitive human who took hundreds of thousands of years to even start to use tools, to the more modern eras where we have moved though thinking we could own human beings to recognizing that ALL people, whatever their religion, sexual orientation, or skin color, have an equal place at the humanity table.

While this progression of freedom has been taking place, there has been another track of how people organize themselves. From hunter-gatherer nomadic bands to agriculture and then money to be able to interact in a more complex society than the village, and we get the clear separation among those who have more and those who have less. The push of history is for some to excel and others to be deeply deprived – an unstable relationship that leads to crime and war.

Where the threat of extinction is a possibility, we need a radical rethinking to invent a next phase of human relationship. A better way for humanity to engage is essential to assure we will not go the way of all other species who disappeared after they played out their time here. Things like nuclear winter could be beyond our control, where nature delivers something of an intensity that made Earth virtually uninhabitable and the chain of evolution had to start again to get to something like us. A meteor could do it. Or an eruption. Or our own hand. And though we only can protect ourselves from nature as best we can and it may not be good enough, on the human front we have power. We can decide that the fate of the earth supersedes our selfish needs and interests. That is what is worth striving for.

We tend to not see the forest for the trees. The conversation about how to reorganize the world is not being had. We talk a lot about this and that, and each thing is worth conversation, but what we don’t talk about is what’s giving rise to all the issues that humans have authority over. That is what we need to be dealing with.

Go to the Conversation As If Our Lives Depended On It to express your opinion.