• The expectation to be housewives not so long ago
  • Brian Swimme explains the risk the Cosmos took when it created humans
  • Needing to get the world’s attention to think together
  • Attention and compassion as a fundamental focuses

INSIDE THE INTELLIGENCE: Mapping The Path to Oneness, Page Three

Suzanne, you are here to model a way of being that is very foreign to most people. We have programmed you to seek excellence. You cannot settle for less. You know the composition. The orchestra must be in tune.

You are here to be a maestro. Your job is to make maestros. You are a spirit guide. We are waiting for you to get this. Free yourself of identification with earth boxes. Do your job. Don’t complain. You’re doing it. Relax. You will do better – which is feel better – if you remember who you are.

There is some kind of basic workability to look for, like you’re a mechanic and the earth is a vehicle. Make it work. It works from skewing the point of view from a separate “me” to a collective “we.” Humanity as a collective is causal and can create success.

There is a leap so awesome to be taken at the heart of life’s mystery that none go there. Jesus was the only one. Others have known God; Jesus was God. That position is what people are to assume. Just imagine it, however. That voice is never heard.

Jesus said who followed would be greater, but so far no one has been as good. Find company, meet in passion, and step into life. You will merge in ever greater capacities.

Suzanne, just get how unusual you are. Don’t do anything with it. Don’t expect anyone else to get it. Your truth is independent of anybody’s recognition. Surrender to who you are. You can never give from an empty cup. Replace the desire in your cup with fulfillment. Do it by giving to yourself. We are raising you by your own power to the absoluteness of yourself as what you bring to the universe. We are freeing you to give to others by demanding that you first give to yourself.

Whenever you are out of sorts, there is some lie or dishonesty about your life. You are doubting yourself instead of loving yourself. The lie is thinking you are less than you are.

How do you love you? Let you count the ways. For until you feel worthy of being showered upon, until you can exist in self-adoration, you are ego bound. Demand of your allies that they treat you well. That is a gift to them. Show them how to be good to you.

Surround yourself with power. It is your time to play a guts game. You will get in your universe exactly what you settle for, and it’s time for you to have nothing but the best.


Think of life as a game. The characters get something up to 100 years to act out.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, ……his acts being seven ages.
AS YOU LIKE IT by William Shakespeare

You think of ego as loving yourself, No no we need to love ourselves.

A couple hundred years ago, people owned people.

We’ve got to get beyond war.

If you develop the least flicker of sensitivity the Universe will come alive within you.
The Universe Is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story, p. 94-95


 Island, by Aldous Huxley, is about a utopian society.