EPISODE #5: The Sweep of History


  • It’s all about being in present time
  • Catch “it” from heroes – can’t be taught, but can be caught
  • Historical context informs long-term thinking
  • Hegelian dialectic: thesis, antithesis, synthesis – we’re on the cusp of a new synthesis
  • Untenable world situation creates shift
  • Main challenge to world is the disparity between the rich and the poor
  • Every 80-90 years the Oligarchy rises and we are subjugated, we collapse, or we break through to new stabilization

INSIDE THE INTELLIGENCE: Mapping The Path to Oneness, Page Five

There is nothing wrong with being the audience to your own show. Meditation may take you to the void, but mind-awake can use a good plan. The examined life is always under scrutiny. Consciousness is a conscious state, and the witness knows…

The wheel of karma is exploded. There is no densed-up past to be more real than what is created. People keep the past alive. They keep thinking it is who they are. They hold hands and walk with all those partners they’ve made up for themselves.

In presence, there is only possibility. How well can you swing on the trapeze? Seize the day. Jump. Fly. Freedom and power are yours. Power for, freedom to. Don’t settle. As you ask for the best, only the best shows up. This is not about hope; it’s about command.

Self-acceptance precedes all action. Everything undertaken is corrupt to the extent that acceptance of all that you are is not total. Peace with the past is freedom for the future. It is essential.

Suzanne, the reason you don’t know what to do is because you don’t dare do what you need to do and you know you’re not to do anything else. Relax yourself. It will come in time. Remember to play. Before enlightenment, play; after enlightenment, play. Play is our bottom line.

It is time for humanity to have a new adventure. What is required is to step outside of cultural norms to recognize that you are not dealing with incremental change, where you learn a little more all the time, but now need to become the alteration that you have been working your way toward. “A bit more” and “a little closer” cannot contain the arrival at your destination. For that, something entirely new must take place.

What is called for is not another process, another methodology, another belief, or another form of any sort that is the latest best thing to come down your pike of materialism and duality. There is nothing packaged in the game of true life. What you are dealing with is beingness itself, the embracing of personhood at the level of ultimate humanness. This cannot be bought or even taught, but it can be caught. You can be that state of health which evokes more of itself.

This is not called anything. It fits none of the parameters of your world, where things of value are wrapped up and sold. It exists outside of the rules by which you play, and is the context inside which you can find the happiness for which you yearn. Something must transcend the separation at which you can get good enough to destroy your game, and that something cannot be a better poison.


If you refuse to admit that automobiles exist, you’re going to get hit by cars, not because you’re sinful or neurotic, but just because if you are not looking at automobiles you won’t see them coming.

We have an inability to get beyond the self bound by habit and collaborate with the self that is deeper.
— Steve Rosen

There’s an angel within the monkey struggling to get free. The historical task consists of humanity turning itself inside out.
– Terence McKenna

We are like a giant kingdom that’s been put to sleep while something new is being born. We await the kiss of life in which we come to our senses.
– Barbara Marx Hubbard

In our chronic case of mistaken identity, we go looking to fix the personality when the issue is with the soul.

We need a planet of self-emergence rather than one of self-aggrandizement.

We believe our finance-driven economic system is in urgent need of a new story, with a new roadmap. This new story must be aligned with the laws (not theories) of natural systems and our current scientific understanding of how the world works, which is remarkably aligned with the compassion and mindfulness embodied in all wisdom traditions.
– John Fullerton of Capital Institute (former J.P.Morgan Managing Director)

ICIS was founded in 1962 by Erling A. Thunberg to help address the challenges and concerns of many scholars and scientists at the end of the 1950s regarding the future. These concerns included the recognition that tremendous changes were taking place at an accelerating rate in the world – in technology, values and culture. Rapid industrial growth, changing political structures and increasing influence of mass communication were having a major impact on how humankind perceived itself, resulting in rapid fluctuations in attitudes and social customs. With this also came a major increase of information with growing specialization and fragmentation of knowledge. It became clear to many of the leading thinkers of the time that integration of knowledge and understanding was critical. Erling Thunberg’s contacts and discussions with some of the most outstanding scholars and scientists of the 1950s and early 1960s influenced his decision to establish a new organization to address the challenges in new ways … in the late 1980s participants were invited to respond to the question of what were the five most critical issues that would be facing the world between then and the turn of the century. [Most critical was disparity between rich and poor.]



Antithesis example: THE UNIVERSE IS A GREEN DRAGON: A Cosmic Creation Story by Brian Swimme, 1984, p. 118
Brian Andreas’s inspired illustrations, including Unconditional Love, above: