These are treasures that I hope will inform and inspire you.


I am a fan of Story People by Brian Andreas!

Persuasive interview with Charles Mallet

Charles Mallet, from the heart of crop circle country in England, is in my film, “What On Earth?”  For years, he operated the Silent Circle, which was the crop circle hangout. This goes a long way to helping people get it that crop circles are for real.

Forgotten Technology: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block by Hand

Who’da thunk it? Wow,wow,wow. First convincing report on how impossible things could have been accomplished without an alien in sight.

Why No One Lives in the Moment

We all can use a good laugh these days, and this is a great one from my friend, David Zasloff.

Be still my heart

I was in love with Leonard Cohen. The only thing on my bucket list was to meet him. When I contacted him, in 1995, he was a Buddhist monk in a monastery. He said, “Thank you for inviting me to make a brief statement that can help launch you in your ‘highest vibration.’ (I can’t find whatever new age gush I had sent his way…ST) Please excuse me from this effort. I can’t locate any high vibrations but I admire those who can. If you can find anything in my past work that resonates with the excellence you seek, please feel free to use it. We are all traveling together but forgive me if I lag behind just this once.”

A moving insight into life in North Korea:

Speech by Yeonmi Park about life in North Korea and her call for action against such human rights violators.

Clip of Charles Eisenstein from Occupy Wall Street:

Charles Eisenstein speaks my mind. He’s a newer voice who really moves me.

Bravo's Andy Cohen has a wonderful mom: