Outside The Box Ideas

I was in love with Leonard Cohen. The only thing on my bucket list was to meet him. When I reached out to him in 1995, he was a Buddhist monk in a monastery. He said, “Thank you for inviting me to make a brief statement that can help launch you in your ‘highest vibration.’ (I can’t find whatever new age gush I had sent his way…ST) Please excuse me from this effort. I can’t locate any high vibrations but I admire those who can. If you can find anything in my past work that resonates with the excellence you seek, please feel free to use it. We are all traveling together but forgive me if I lag behind just this once.”

There’s another world. It’s where people all care. In crises we have the experience.

If there was a date when humanity was going to be wiped out, we would mobilize. What else can get us mobilized?

Please comment in the Conversation As If Our Lives Depended On It with your suggestions and we’ll add them to mine:

  1.  Investigate the crop circle phenomenon. Other intelligence would get everyone’s attention.
  2.  A contest: “Whoever Does the Most Good Wins!” Look to change the paradigm. Make a brilliant ad campaign
  3.  Revered people look out from TV and address the human core in everyone, urging us to think as a planet. An initiation if it comes from inspiration.
  4.  A minute of silence at noon in every time zone, for everyone to focus on the world at peace. That may have averted England being invaded in WWII.
  5.  Call for a truce to wars worldwide, induced by the commitment to a decent life for everyone – housing, food, health care, education, job training. Pay for it with military budgets.
  6.  Give everyone ecstasy (pure MDMA) to heal trauma and open hearts.
  7.  Create a new version of the Twilight Club, where outstanding thinkers engaged. Founded in the late 19th century, members included Rudyard Kipling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas J. Watson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Herbert Spencer, Walt Whitman, Andrew Carnegie, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Mark Twain, Walter Russell. From them we got the Rotary and the Lions Clubs and the Girl and Boy Scouts, our library system, the Better Business Bureau, elimination of sweat shops and child labor, and more.
  8.  Universal Basic Income seemed like it was way outside the box when I produced A World Without Work in 2014. (I wish they would call it what we called it, the BIG, for Basic Income Guarantee.) More and more it is being talked about here in the U.S. and experimented with in Europe. Switching to a system that takes care of everyone would change everything.

Ideas from others culled from the Conversation As If Our Lives Depended On It:

  1.  Citizen action, marinated in love, can see us through. – Larry Dossey, MD.