Evolutionary Ideas

These are ideas about how to shift our worldview. Your opinions are invited. Scroll down to add an idea of your own.

Suzanne's Outside The Box Ideas

1. Investigate the crop circle phenomenon. Other intelligence would get everyone’s attention.

2.  A contest: “Whoever Does the Most Good Wins!” Look to change the paradigm. Make a brilliant ad campaign.

 3.  Revered people look out from TV and address the human core in everyone, urging us to think as a planet.
An initiation if it comes from inspiration.

4.  A minute of silence at noon in every time zone, for everyone to focus on the world at peace. That may have averted England being invaded in WWII.

5.  Call for a truce to wars worldwide, induced by the commitment to a decent life for everyone – housing, food, health care, education, job training. Pay for it with military budgets.

6.  Give everyone ecstasy (pure MDMA) to heal trauma and open hearts.

7.  Create a new version of the Twilight Club, where outstanding thinkers engaged. Founded in the late 19th century, members included Rudyard Kipling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas J. Watson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Herbert Spencer, Walt Whitman, Andrew Carnegie, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Mark Twain, Walter Russell. From them we got the Rotary and the Lions Clubs and the Girl and Boy Scouts, our library system, the Better Business Bureau, elimination of sweat shops and child labor, and more.

8.  Universal Basic Income seemed like it was way outside the box when I produced A World Without Work in 2014. (I wish they would call it what we called it, the BIG, for Basic Income Guarantee.) More and more it is being talked about here in the U.S. and experimented with in Europe. Switching to a system that takes care of everyone would change everything.

Other People's Outside The Box Ideas

1. Citizen action, marinated in love, can see us through. – Larry Dossey, MD

2.  We have to start with articulating and communicating a new vision then gather support for it – fundamental change can only come from below and the need for a revival of real democracy. – David Lorimer

3. Mind control (if it’s even physically possible). There will have to be SOME way to get people on the same page, seeing the same dangers, and seriously thinking about what to do. If we get consciousness on the same plane, even temporarily, then we can lay to rest the old game of Monopoly, and replace it by instituting an economy which actually economizes. – Jon Youngblood Aka Mr. Faith & Physics

4. Simultaneously have some conversations live or on video. Not just between you and one other, but one can click on conversations occurring worldwide, maybe between Prince Charles and Bono. And I can also picture convention centers having ‘Conversation’ events. You can have tables of 10 and after 20 minutes you’d switch to another table. And some of the best ideas of the night will be shared. – Loren Lewis

5. We need consciousness raising by men and women – re the dubious effects when the “extreme male brain” is dominant…help restore the moral ground, principles and ethics so sadly lacking in politics today. “The conversation no one else is having®”: – Jude Asphar

6. It’s puzzling how thousands can rise to a catastrophe with so much selfless energy (Houston), but then we go back to our daily paradigm based on greed and competition…How to fully expose this dynamic for what it is? Via a movie? A TV series? Viral social media postings? – Rosalind Robinson

7. There is a posting on my website called Awakening to the New Story which offers a kind of summary of what is emerging now and what could emerge in the future. – Anne Baring

8. Understand and experience that who we really are is timeless awareness, not the meat and potatoes we see in the mirror in the morning. If everyone was tuned into what makes remote viewing possible we would be in a world of people aware of their interconnection rather than being in the dog eat dog mentality in which greed instead of compassion runs our lives. – Russell Targ

9. Your comment to Russell’s post brought to mind an amazingly insightful look at our condition and the vital need for ‘tuning into’ what is most fundamentally true by one of my favorite authors, Doris Lessing (in her book, Shikasta). Although it was Lessing’s flight into science fiction, the message is better said (IMHO) than most spiritual and political commentators. I promise you will find this fascinatingly fresh and meaningful:

10. Perhaps there was a time when we could afford to be nonchalant and leisurely engaged in our citizenship in the world. If so, those times have passed. Urgency is in the air, and time is not on our side. We are the first generation who can, yes, see an end. Citizen action, marinated in love, can see us through. – Larry Dossey, MD

11. I am deeply convinced that openhearted conversations are powerful pathways forward in this time.
Brian Swimme

Finish these sentences with your inspirations for how to make this a cooperative world.

What we could do to help shift our worldview is_________________.

What we could do to make this a friendlier (city) (world) is_________________.

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