Our Shocking Ignorance about Guns & Prisons

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This gun thing is making me mad. What is wrong with us that Japan has no school shootings and that we ignore the gun regulations they employ? HELLO OUT THERE. I’m talking to us. My side. We are ignoring what would fix this problem. Show everyone this video and the whole thing is solved. How come I never knew anything about Japan’s success until I stumbled on this video? This is insane.

I have the same sort of feelings about our prison system. Norway has one that works. Their recidivism rate is 20% and ours is 76.6%. Why aren’t we having any conversations about their radically different way of treating prisoners? Michael Moore even did a segment about this in his recent documentary, and it’s more insanity that it’s still unknown.

It’s urgent that humanity become a caring species. We are in it together. Gun regulations and prison reforms can be the forerunners of revamping everything to run on caring instead of on the greed and vengeance that we are run by now. We have the information about what works. It is incontrovertible. Let’s hear from you. How can everyone get wised up?




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  1. A caring and peaceful world – the world longed-for on this site – takes a specific skill set. The world as we know it is just an effect. The cause is how we are badly trained by hierarchy cultures, as ours is, to deal in a healthy way with ourselves and others. Basically, we eat the blue pill and operate from “am I one up or one down” reactive ego consciousness out of which we are poised to nuke ourselves or hasten the Sixth Extinction event. The good news, and hopefully the saving grace, is the development in the last 50 years of emotional intelligence skills and practices that literally alter the way we think and relate. Adults know just a bit of it as Non-Violent Communication training. For kids, it is mostly called social-emotional learning (which few adults even know exists though there are decades of positive evidence about it) and it will turn around a bad school quickly and produce remarkable human beings who relate to each other and life beautifully, empathically, co-creatively, and as a conscious “we”.

    I regard this training to raise humanity’s emotional intelligence as the red pill and I have made it a mission to get it into every school here and elsewhere asap rather than just the 10% that flourish with these programs and practices now. There is this human yearning for positive change, but, as Einstein noted and we all know, you can’t fix something from the mindset that created it … and for me there’s a race now to create a generation that thinks differently and has the skills to make a positive difference on a mass level such as history has not seen before.

    They are the ones who will create and put into effect solutions we haven’t even thought of. You can learn more about this at

  2. Working in Japan at the moment, I can tell you that not only do they have a sensible gun policy, but also a coherent, unified culture where honesty and responsibility is extolled! Oh, America … why have you gone whacked!? It’s the major challenge/opportunity of being an open society where we are all immigrants. Really, can the human species overcome their myopia, tribalism, ethnocentrism, xenophobia and figure out an eco-plan where all fit, adapt, grow and love!? hmmmm….. let’s talk.
    – Osaka Voyager

    • SUE Speaks March 9, 2018

      Yes, James, let’s talk. In this dog eat dog world where self-interest rules, we lack for engagements where we spark each other and inspire each other and help each other. Let’s blow the whistle on the myopia in which things that could help us, like what’s in this post, are as if they don’t exist.

  3. rick stoff March 7, 2018

    Loved the video on guns. We are so far away from doing that here.

    And the prison thing as well.

    I don’t even know where to start the conversation. At the very least, we should be helping those released from jail get jobs and housing, but most places do not accept folks with backgrounds for either.

    • SUE Speaks March 9, 2018

      It’s a revolutionary change in our thinking that’s the only thing that will sufficiently impact this massive denial we are in about systems and practices that work. Creating that revolution is the task at hand.

  4. Japan, Norway, Australia – they can do this and so can we. As soon as we stop glorifying profits and believing that is the measure of the person.

    • SUE Speaks March 6, 2018

      How can we be so crazy as to ignore these working systems? What to do to “stop glorifying profits and believing that is the measure of the person”?

    • SUE Speaks March 6, 2018

      If we all were on board “Connecting With Universal Consciousness,” that this video is encouraging, of course it would be the world we want. And that world would indeed be practicing and employing what my post was explaining. But I’m not sold on this 15-minute exercise, with some of the people speaking who don’t walk the talk they are trying to sell us on. There aren’t any credits on this so we don’t know where it came from. That was troublesome to me. Who is teaching a class I am taking? Good message but questionable delivery would be my response. If you explore the entries on this site I think you’d find more cogency and convincing testimony than this video offers. Hopefully you aren’t the filmmaker!

      • As a Japanese/American, I was raised primarily by my grandfather, a devout and gentle Buddhist from the old country. I learned early, as most Japanese do, that anger and aggression are considered shameful. I felt the cartoon did not give a broad enough picture of the low crime rate in Japan, but I feel that this article/video does; at least it is consistent with what I know about Japanese culture:

        • SUE Speaks May 21, 2018

          Even more about our shocking ignorance where we ignore models that work. I don’t get it. Why isn’t the info widely known and serving as inspiration for what we might do?

  5. Thank you Sue,
    Both of these posts resonate so deeply with me. Why? Not only are they respectful of human life, but they also highlight the fact that the absence of violence and conflict are actually good for business, good for the economy and good for the collective as well as individual soul.

    Christine (aka the Maverick;)

    • SUE Speaks March 7, 2018

      I wonder if it’s somewhat force of habit to keep in the same dysfunctional grooves. Especially when shifts to more workable ways are good for business, you’d think that they would be easier sells. Maybe it’s more a matter of gettign attention to these alternatives than anything else…?????

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