SUE’s Soapbox Video: Join the Conversation As If Our Lives Depended On It


In this soapbox video I talk about a topic that’s percolating in our world: universal basic income. Three years ago I produced a program about it, A World Without Work, when people in the States had hardly heard of it, and now it’s showing up everywhere: Hawaii has just adopted it, Elon Musk touts it, and it was the feature story this week on CBS Sunday Morning. But what never is mentioned is how it would change our worldview, which is my main interest — and why I got so involved in the crop circle phenomenon. How do we go from greed to compassion as the basic way we relate to one other? What can bring that out? I invite you to dialogue about this in the Conversation As If Our Lives Depended On It. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Oh Sue our world needs thousands of people like you. Passionate, positive, caring and forward thinking. I’m on board with you for sure and I too was involved with the crop circle phenomenon.

    • suespeaks August 17, 2017

      You not only were involved, you modest creature, but you sang the two crop circle songs in What on Earth?. You have such wonderful talent!!!!!

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