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These blog posts form a collection. They are a treasure trove of food for thought to spark conversation. So, grab a cup of consciousness, tour around, chew on some tasty transformation, and let’s talk!

Idea #8

Idea #7

Ideas #6

Give everyone ecstasy (pure MDMA) to heal trauma and open hearts.

Ideas #5

Call for a truce to wars worldwide, induced by the commitment to a decent life for everyone – housing, food, health care, education, job training. Pay for it with military budgets.

Ideas #4

A minute of silence at noon in every time zone, for everyone to focus on the world at peace. That may have averted England being invaded in WWII.

Ideas #3

Revered people look out from TV and address the human core in everyone, urging us to think as a planet. An initiation if it comes from inspiration.

Ideas #2

A contest: “Whoever Does the Most Good Wins!” Look to change the paradigm. Make a brilliant ad campaign.

Ideas #1

Investigate the crop circle phenomenon. Other intelligence would get everyone’s attention.