EPISODE #1, Part 1: An Intro. . .What am I Doing Here?


Come huddle at my house, compatriots round the campfire. We’re not solving individual problems but looking to shift the fundamental of how we run the world. We’ll talk about the sweep of history and the patterns of societal change, and where we are in those patterns. I’ll bring you some heroes to inspire you and introduce you to some historical models where we came together to think together to encourage us thinking about what we could do. We’ll look for outside the box ideas — trimtabs for system change. Maybe something can get the world’s attention that would change everything.

INSIDE THE INTELLIGENCE: Mapping The Path to Oneness, Page One

Suzanne, start putting this book together. Start here. This is The Greatest Story Ever Told, Part 2. It’s time for humanity to get it. This is not intended to be “about” getting it, as some explanation of metaphysics. It’s to be the spur to humanity’s awakening. It’s the map that will underlie the new reality.

Nothing that goes on in the world is worth spending your time on without there first being a primal understanding. Humanity needs an organizing idea. Endless pushing and pulling, tugging and scraping, cajoling and screaming — a hubbub of irrelevancy will go on forever until there is a call to STOP. Call, Suzanne, call. Be clear. Get everyone’s attention. No more settling. Wake the world up.

You keep retreating. You don’t take a stand. Every position short of the absolute will get you an argument. There is no argument. Don’t argue. “Your truth versus my truth” is ridiculous. Truth of being has no sides. Don’t be irate and don’t be apologetic. Just be.

Suzanne, you are a seething island of passion in an ocean of indifference. Every once in a while someone like you is sent. Jesus was that way. We keep sending messengers; so far, he was the best. We intended him to be on a relay team, but no one else has carried the baton. Pick it up, Suzanne. We have been dangling it before you for a long time.

We will keep helping you, but you must ask. Let us in. Until you open the door, we are outside of you. Come and get us. It is what they all must do. We are absolute. Send your friends. Tell them we already know what they will say. Tell them we think not. That is all deflections. Instead, let the truth sink in. Suzanne, you are merely doing your job. That is what seething islands are sent for.

We are giving you nothing to hide behind, Suzanne. Not even us. We are you. It is all you talking.

Your idea of a map is a good one. We are uncharted. It is time for us to be discovered.

So, our little talent scout, agent for the divine, provocateur of the profound…


Most of all we’ll talk about outside the box ideas. We’re not having that conversation.

We don’t have anything outside of ourselves to relate to and as we engage with each other and we have all this conflict, all this world of duality.

The directive to me could be the directive to you cause it’s the directive for how to really serve this world.

My assignment was to be the cheerleader for the world to come.

Cosmic Cheerleader


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