EPISODE #2: Part 2 of An Intro. . .


  • Possible impact of the crop circle phenomenon on our consciousness
  • TED’s censorship rears its scientific materialism head – protest to
  • How to create a sea-change of worldview?
  • With life not being a bargaining chip, terrorism changes the game

INSIDE THE INTELLIGENCE: Mapping The Path to Oneness, Page Two

There are many layers to acceptance, where there is no fight with reality. In order to live as one big yes, a space of no separation, acceptance has to go all the way through. Your acceptance has to include your crankiness, Suzanne. You have to be the acceptor of your old strings to unresolved pain that still inform the present.

Never “hate yourself.” God is acceptance. God’s love is unconditional. Either God or illusion prevails.

Every moment counts. What is the right action in which God is?

You have to get that you are the product. What you must do is serve who you are. You must honor and celebrate your own emergence. You must do unto yourselves as you would do unto others.

Tracking the present, letting it be the one original thought through which your energy flows, seeing everything from the absolute of present time, is elementary to an organizing idea.

There comes a place where pure beingness supercedes all attempts to categorize. Beauty, art, ecstasy, love, express pure beingness. Truth of being. Yourself as original thought. The rudder of an organizing idea.

Creating is the action of an organizing idea — a constant crest of creation. Creating is an absolute, the energy of divine source.

Suzanne, you can only be heard by those who can hear and they will emerge as they may. Keep talking. You are refining your thoughts. We are very well pleased.

Where in your organizing idea, Suzanne, do you not find peace? Can we contemplate this subject? Where is that hole in your heart that comes unplugged? Why are you not whole? You want more heartsong. Then the plug is in. Your life force flows. A world of loving would eternally charm you.

Almost everyone is evaluating instead of entering life, where they would not know separation. Replace survival and acquisition with adventure. Gather the Messiahs.


I am an honorable man. Why did she leave home? I labored and earned lawfully to feed her. This was unlawful of her. I have my honor and pride. I couldn’t bear that. If you put one drop of piss in a gallon of milk the whole thing gets destroyed! That’s what she has done. Destroyed everything. My lawful labor. Destroyed it. So I said no. I will kill you. You are my daughter. I will kill you myself.
A GIRL IN THE RIVER, Academy Award winning documentary film

If your program is allowed to proceed, it will truly damage other TEDx organizers’ ability to recruit scientists and other speakers.

What keeps me sane is I have to be creating and I have to be appreciated.

[Re: crop circles] Something’s going on that we can’t explain that would create us as one humanity paying attention to something else.

We need a sea-change.

If we had a date specific when the word was going to blow up unless we did something, wouldn’t we all be talking about it?

We are in danger of Armageddon. We’re too good at blowing ourselves up.

We have no bargaining chip anymore. The afterlife is seen as preferable to this life.


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Brother Can You Spare a Paradigm?, an Ex TEDx West Hollywood event
Andy Cohen’s mom, Evelyn, on Andy being gay.


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