Sue’s Soapbox Videos

Little YouTube shout-outs about this and that. Comments are invited.

How can we turn the world around and become a force for change?

Can we harness the power of thought?

My personal experience with a spoon-bending master

What do you think of the idea about understanding versus forgiveness?

New York Magazine opens everyone’s eyes to the value of psychedelics

You’ve heard about the Netflix series Wild Wild Country?

Being loving is a key to happiness.

My suggestion to Roseanne, after her show was cancelled.

Recruiting a celebrity to save the world.

What quote is so fundamental to your way of thinking that you use it over and over without having to look it up?

Russell Targ tops 1 million views!

Enlightening Voices Wanted!

Life from the Jaws of Death

Mel Gibson and what kind of world we want

Meet my twin daughters. Hear about their childhood!

Keeping our minds open to the impossible

Crop circles can change our worldview

Basic Income Guarantee—the BIG!

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