I think about everyone having an Appreciations Page, which isn’t for them to engage on but for others to go on record with compliments for them. Think if nice things that have been said about you were there for you to read over when you needed a boost or to share with anyone you wanted to get closer to. And, how good it feels to compliment people. It’s a two-way win. In the interest of the world getting sweeter, where self-interest softens and mutuality becomes second nature, I think this would be a very good thing, and here’s such a page for me.

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“I am so delighted in your interest. Currently I am doing whimsical artwork for local Sweet Shoppe. FUN. And leave the articulation regarding world affairs to bright beams of light like you. You were the first woman in the circle of acquaintances we had that told it like it was, and, like Michael Crighton, embraced, and continue to do so, ideas that are so advanced one has difficulty getting their minds around them. Happy New Year, ‘old’ friend.”

A Facebook message from Betty Mittleman, who so charmingly illustrated my cookbook. We were comedy writer’s wives who were in a world that revolved around our husbands, and I lost touch with her years ago. What a surprise that she had taken such notice of me!



“I just want you to know that I just finished listening and watching your first 4 videos of Sue Speaks and  I am so happy you are producing them.  I could feel your love coming through the screen of my iPhone and you were so wonderful that I could feel your warmth enveloping me. It felt to me like you were indeed in my home across from me talking only to me. I so look forward to your future talks so please keep them coming. This is the type of conversation I have wanted to have all my life and now we have a format to explore and perhaps embrace some of these ideas. That is thanks to this technology that brings so much of value into our living rooms. I hope you remember our conversations and wonderful times listening and viewing DVD’s of our favorite male entertainer, Our Dear Leonard Cohen who I hope has found the peace on the other side that he had trouble finding on the earthly plane.”

This is from Bette McLaughlin, a friend.