Cosmic Flashback to 1984

Back in the early 80s I did a public access TV show called The Cosmic Fuel Pump. I was approached to do it by Max Eden and his idea was that I’d be practicing to go on the circuit as a speaker, so it became a Garden of Eden production for some 36 episodes. Although I never did the speaker circuit but have produced events and projects to do my speaking for me, I look back at those shows and find them sounding a call that’s remarkably similar to what I’m sounding today.

Here’s 4-minutes of excerpts from show #30 of The Cosmic Fuel Pump to give you the idea. As I contemplate putting these shows back out, if you are of a mind to watch give me an opinion about whether you think there’s value to the public at large in these early soapbox rants to make it a better world.

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