Kabir Helminski Will Enroll You

Put your multi-tasks down and let yourself be enchanted by Kabir Helminski, who could be the reincarnation of Lex Hixon, a great spiritual avatar and real down-home human being I was privileged to be allied with before his early departure in 1994. We need more like Lex and Kabir. If we had politicians who called us to oneness from their heart and soul it might be a different world.

Would that Lex had stuck around for the fruition of Celebrations of the Human Spirit that we were planning for stadiums, where I bet that thousands of people who entered as strangers would have left as friends. See what I mean by listening to Kabir, and how natural it is to feel a kinship with him.

I talk about Lex in one of the new shows that was headed for Amazon but is on YouTube now.  Should I do more?


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