“For thousands of years those of Ra have sought to teach the Law of One to seekers of truth on Earth who wished to learn of the unity or oneness of all things. Through this contact, Ra shared information to help seekers of truth deepen their awareness and acceptance of self and other, and to help Earth move into the emerging fourth density of love and understanding.” – The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One

For all true seekers, who want to see all the way to origin to understand our place in the scheme of things, this is a body of material not to miss. There are different flavors, if you will, of the same truth of being, and this is one of them. Who knows where that deep knowledge that can guide us comes from? Somehow, there are openings here on earth for it to get in. Mystics and saints through the ages have been doorways. In religions, there are doorways to be found. It matters not whether you have an opinion about channeling, which is where this body of truth came from. It has that same resonance and that’s all that matters. It’s what occurs within you when you’re on one of the authentic paths. Your own awareness is your authority, and those who have had these experiences know that.

If you don’t recognize this, I wish you the understanding that is yet to come. Exposing yourself to documents like this won’t convince you, but, from what starts as an intellectual exercise to take in information can be rewarded many times over from the access that gives to the bigger reality.

On a personal note, I had been a longtime fan of communications delivered as the Law of One, when, in 2,010, I saw that Carla Rueckert, the channel, was on a conference bill in Hawaii. My documentary, What on Earth?, was newly out, so, to be a fellow presenter with Carla, I gave them my film for a screening. Carla, who left us in 2015, was very special. She was so connected to a larger force while at the same time she was so down to earth. I liked her very very much. And, she liked me.

The website for RA and THE LAW OF ONE:

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  1. Pennell Rock June 21, 2018

    You can find out more about sun gazing through google search, or try this link. Recommended if you want to experience the Absolute One. However, follow safety recommendations.

    • SUE Speaks June 21, 2018

      Have you done it? The people who feel positive about it, who have commented on that article, speak about energy benefits. There is passing commentary about it being a spiritual experience but no elaboration on that. Can you elaborate about how it would tune you into the same sort of primal understanding that the RA material is all about?

    • Pennell Rock June 21, 2018

      In incremental sessions of sungazing, I experienced something absolutely imperative and rectifying. I think the “law of one” best summarizes this very powerful experience. It led me to form a group trip to Peru called the Quest for the Divine Sun. I (we) went to explore a culture which was ruled by the sun (as many, including the Egyptians) were. There is no image of the One more primordial and authentic and to gaze into the sun is to experience that law. RA indeed.

  2. Pennell Rock June 18, 2018

    Ra is a primordial name of the sun. Those who can practice sun-gazing can experience the source of all this.

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