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Larry Dossey

Larry Dossey

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  1. Perhaps there was a time when we could afford to be nonchalant and leisurely engaged in our citizenship in the world. If so, those times have passed. Urgency is in the air, and time is not on our side. We are the first generation who can, yes, see an end. Citizen action, marinated in love, can see us through.

    As novelist Alice Walker says, “Anything we love can be saved.” And as poet W.H. Auden said in the 1930s, “We must love one another or die.”

    Pretty much sums it up. Count me in.

    ~ Larry Dossey, MD

    • suespeaks August 10, 2017

      Right on, Larry. I’ve got some heavy duty guidance that delivered this echo of your thoughts:

      This is an intelligence speaking. It is the wisdom of the circle.

      Dialogue is the necessary activity now to save the earth. Everyone sees glimmers of a peril looming; all must attend. Reordering must come. It will not result from legislation or from mediating between warring factions. Any imposition will just create more war. No, this needs to BE an otherness that births inside the womb of now.

      This is the voice of humanity’s soul. Snap to attention. Come off the meditation cushion. The family needs to forge. The mother is overblown with pregnancy. A creature must emerge.

      “Marinated in love.” I really like that.