Is Another Intelligence Interacting with Us?


“Could extraterrestrials help us save the Earth?”
“We’d have to be dead above the neck if we weren’t interested in this.”

This New York Magazine piece comes on the heels of a The New York Times article that let us know about government interest in UFOs. More and more stories that came from the fringe are all of a sudden popping up in mainstream media.

It’s popularly understood that if microbial life is discovered on Mars it would change everything. If even finding single-cell life off-planet would be a game-changer, it’s mind-boggling to think how radically changeful the discovery of other intelligent life would be. In fact, if we found other intelligent life it would be the biggest news ever to hit humanity.

It wouldn’t have to be extraterrestrial. It could be coming from another dimension. Or, from something we don’t understand about the past and future existing simultaneously in this phantasmagorical universe where so much is beyond our ken.

Copernicus and Galileo showed us that Earth revolves around the sun. Earth not being at the center of the universe changed our psyches. Over time, top-down management by kings gave way to democracy, where we leveled out the radical extremes in society to match the leveling in the heavens. Another fundamental change in our juxtaposition to the universe would make us rethink everything now.

In light of how bogged down we are with conflict and inequality, it would behoove us to investigate anything that might help us rethink reality. If we discovered other intelligent life, we would be one humanity in relation to “the other.” There would be no sides. All of us would be in it together. And, it wouldn’t just show up in the current news cycle; it would be news forever. Where it’s fingers in the dike to solve what challenges us now, getting a sense of ourselves as one humanity would put us in the best position to deal with everything.

Other recent reports from print media:

Pentagon’s mysterious project breathes new life into UFO research
“[Leslie] Kean co-authored a stunning article in The New York Times late last year that revealed the existence of the Pentagon’s secret project to investigate unidentified flying objects.”

Pilots report close encounters with UFO over Arizona: ‘Something just passed over us’
“Two pilots on different aircraft reported having close encounters with a mysterious object flying high above Arizona last month, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.”

Recent reports from TV news media:

Pentagon Is Investigating The Existence Of Aliens
“The existence of UFO’s have been proved beyond reasonable doubt.”

Navy Pilot Recalls ‘Out of this World’ Encounter
“It’s not exactly clear why Vladimir Putin is more interesting than this. I think this seems like a big deal.”
Credible Encounters No One Talks About
“Science itself and the laws of physics cannot explain it.”

With crop circles being a parallel to UFOs, where the commonality is the indication of another intelligence engaging with us, maybe this UFO interest will give a boost to my documentary, What on Earth?, about crop formations from all over the world, that I poured my heart into! It got a good review in The New York Times and streams free if you you have Amazon Prime. And here’s me, talking about crop circles and my movie on Rosie O’Donnell’s TV show on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network.

Let’s hear from you on these interesting developments. Do you think that acceptance of other intelligence would be as changeful as I think it would be?

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  1. A friend is making a feature film about extraterrestrials and asked me for some advice about how to get out of the Hollywood mode. He’s using several real people playing themselves in a fiction film. I suggested he have the characters, authentic or not, be in dialogue about whether they should come now or not and how best they might present themselves and then convey that to the ETs already in contact with the lead character. Also suggested he go out and do street interviews of real people with the same questions and include that.

    The point is we don’t have a dialogue among the populace that is worth a damn now, just believers and nonbelievers, and perhaps we could do better by way of preparing the population with a forum available to the public for such a conversation.

    He is going to do that for the feature.

    • SUE Speaks April 18, 2018

      Now that some credible government figures have authenticated there’s government interest in what isn’t just dismissed as woo-woo, we have a platform for new dialogues like you suggested to your friend. Can’t wait to see what he does and I’ll support whatever happens to get the public thinking about possibilities.

  2. Nisha Money MD, MPH, ABIHM April 12, 2018

    Fascinating times indeed with what has been revealed and potentially is on the cusp for much more! Also, our love for the mysterious is just as likely met with our resistance to the unknown. Since, as you so aptly put Suzanne, the configuration and relation of humanity would drastically change both inter and intrapersonally if there was a revealing of other types of life in the universe and/or co-existing with us. We would be more identified as a collective of humanity as soon as there was verifiable, a preponderance of, and replicating proof that we are not the only life in this universe … and equivalently interesting if not more so … we may also not be the only dimension that exists on this planet. If there were other dimensions co-existing amongst ours that superseded the 3rd-dimensional state it gives rise to the possibility that they are much more aware of our existence than us of theirs. I look forward to what more and how all will be revealed.

    • SUE Speaks April 12, 2018

      If they are here it’s beyond possibility into certainty they’re more advanced than we are. Hopefully, people would chill and get it that if they’d been hostile we would have been gonners already, so no need to resist at the fear level. At the “change the world” which means “change the power structure” level, ah yes, lots of resistance from that. It’s why alcohol is legal and psychedelics aren’t.

  3. Often, real change is the result of of big sudden change, like war, plague, volcano, so an Alien visitation would be maybe most excellent! More than ever, our world of economy, population, technology has moved ahead of our own inner human development. Our perceptions and attitudes are slow to change and maybe too late for our probable nuclear and natural disasters! But can our human mindset manage extraterrestrials?

    • SUE Speaks March 31, 2018

      Who knows? God bless the recently departed Stephen Hawkins who warned us that they might not be friendly — thank you for sharing but not a productive caution if you ask me. It’s equally possible that they’ve just been waiting for us to be receptive to shower us with their smarts. In fact, that makes more sense to me, since if they are able to visit us they easily could have destroyed us before this if that’s what they have in mind.

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