The Biggest Story Ever Told?

I got involved with crop circles because if we’re not alone we would have to re-think reality. What else, besides crop circles coming from elsewhere, can change our worldview? When I saw this Indiegogo campaign for a documentary that’s looking for finishing funds, I knew I’d found a game-changer.

Over sixty school children & other witnesses shared an extraordinary experience in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in ’94, in which they saw an unusual craft & beings land near Ariel School. This much-anticipated documentary explores the event, and its aftermath in the lives of those who witnessed it.

You can see from the video how compelling this story is. Little children make credible witnesses. If what they saw was accepted as real, we would have the biggest story ever told. This film is in good hands and I am urging people to contribute to the Indiegogo campaign to get it finished.

The late great John Mack, who was head of the Psychiatry Department at Harvard, who is in this film authenticating the genuineness of the children’s experience and for whose work I hosted a fundraiser in 2001, is in my crop circle documentary, What on Earth?.  You can see my movie free if you have Amazon Prime, but you need to get the DVD to see a tribute to John Mack that’s bonus material.

Here are posts I made about him after he was killed by a drunk driver in England while he was there to give a talk about his Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Lawrence of Arabia:

I got my concept of worldview from John Mack. This is what he said:

Establishing a new “worldview”

I want to talk about the matter of a worldview and how it works. It has always been referred to as a paradigm and that has more of a scientific flavor. But I prefer to call it “worldview” because it refers to something bigger. A worldview is the way we organize reality. It is the way we believe things work. In a way it is like an instrument of navigation. Our worldview is what holds the human psyche together. What has been the dominant worldview in our society could be called Newtonian/Cartesianism or anthropocentric humanism. It is a worldview that puts the human being at the top of the cosmic hierarchy of intelligence. The simplest term for this is scientific materialism. In this worldview, matter and energy form the primary reality and there is no larger intelligence in the cosmos. The principle method of study is objective reality, which separates the investigator from the matter that is being investigated.

I thought this was an eloquent expression of the understanding we are working towards.


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