A Cosmic Creation Story by Brian Swimme

The Universe is a Green Dragon, by Brian Swimme, is a map of the universe – where it came from and what we are doing in it. I’ve bought more than a thousand copies. It’s the most important book I’ve ever read. See all the 5-star reviews, including mine, that will bowl you over with how unusual and how wonderful this book is:

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  1. I have recently re-read The Lord of the Rings. The battles, heroes and resolutions over thousands of years that took place in Middle Earth put into perspective the powers of the dark forces, which is clearly ruling today’s world, as well as hope for the world of man. The whole message, IMHO, can be put into the few sentences in a meeting with the White Council when Gandolf, of the Valar (ones with angelic powers of the Gods), makes the statement below. Suzanne, this also addresses what you wrote me in a private message about “the agony of the world.”

    Galadriel : (who once lived with the highest Gods). “An evil moves in the shadows, unseen, hidden from our sight. They are forces growing that we do not yet understand, and everyday it grows in strength. So why did you choose a simple Hobbit?”
    Gandalf: “Representatives of this darkness believe that it is only in power that all things can be done. But I have found it is the small things, everyday ideas of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay; simple acts of kindness and love. When I become afraid, I think of the simplicity and purity of Bilbo Baggins, and that gives me courage.”

    My parting shot: A blessing: “When the night is overcome, may you rise to see the sun.”

    • SUE Speaks May 20, 2018

      Lovely Enya song on YouTube. “Believe and you will find your way. A promise lives within you now.” Good to be encouraged to keep our spirits up, that goodness will prevail despite the deadening sadness from how we’re being governed now.

  2. With great joy, I re-read this book which supports my work! As Brian Swimme writes, “To become fully mature as a human being, we must bring to life within ourselves the dynamics that fashioned the cosmos. That is our task: to create the human form of the central power of the cosmos.” So true, so true. I am working on my legacy project, “Youniverse,” which is a compilation of photos of me as the cosmos in human form purported to be my own oracle. Once we seek to manifest the star that we are, we are living in accordance with the life force of the universe and are greatly empowered! All hail the universe – our true selves! The future is calling us and pulling us towards this next iteration of homosapien.

    • SUE Speaks April 28, 2018

      James — That’s the spirit we all can use! Brian’s book not only gives you the directive that we need to be the cosmos in human form, but, as he paints the picture of the power and force of the creation that will forever be occurring, we get how privileged and ennobled we are by being human beings so that we are inspired to get our behavior in tune with our destiny.

      Is there someplace where we can see your Youniverse gallery?

      • I am busy following up Swimme’s directive to become the cosmos from which we are created. Presently, I am identifying and renaming a Nebula and Star Cluster with a mythic title that reflects our evolutionary future. I love science and new science but scientists are lousy storytellers without myth and magic. What an exciting and inspiring world we’d have if Nebula Sh2-284 was retitled “Green Man Regenerator,” which a photo of this nebula vividly portrays.

  3. For me the most important and remarkable book in human history is the Course In Miracles. That said, I like your recommendation so much I’m going to download this book.

    • SUE Speaks April 18, 2018

      I spent a year with a couple of pals in my house doing The Course. I never read the big book — just the workbook as daily practice of the forgiveness and other perspectives it proscibes for living an enlightened life. Amazing what comes in a channeled package. What did it do for you? I actually messed around with my own channeling for a three-month stretch, which, in 1989, gave me my assignment for my lifework:

      Do check back in after you read Brian’s book and tell us what you think!

  4. Jennifer April 2, 2018

    The book that changed my life very profoundly was Health and Healing by Andrew Weil. That book is what put me on my path to medicine about 25 years ago and has really affected everything I have done, professionally at least, since then. Last year I read Lissa Rankin’s Anatomy of a Calling and Charles Eisenstein’s The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible–both also life-altering books.

    • SUE Speaks April 4, 2018

      Andrew Weil is aces. I almost had him staying at my house on his way to Hawaii years ago, and probably had gotten connected with him from loving his first book, The Natural Mind, which blew my mind in the encouragement it gave, from a medical doctor, to deal with psychedelics that at that time the society frowned on. He suggested that the desire to alter consciousness periodically is an innate, normal human drive. Charles Eisenstein, who I know better than I know Andrew, is on my site as one of my hero friends, and I find myself using his book title, “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible,” which he transports you to so eloquently and compellingly, over and over in what I write. I don’t know Lissa Rankin’s book. Could you say anything about why you listed it?

      • Jennifer April 4, 2018

        Anatomy of a Calling beautifully and honestly explores Lissa Rankin’s hero’s journey from practicing physician to artist and healer of healers in a way that resonated with me during my own time of transition.

        • SUE Speaks April 4, 2018

          Very daring, Jennifer, to move from conventional medicine to something more aligned with what we call healing, and good to know about that book as inspiration for others at a time when conventional thinking needs rethinking.

  5. I remember vividly the impact that a group of books had on me in the ’60’s. The impact was riveting & life changing. They were all the Carlos Casteneda books, and they truly opened my eyes to my future. It was all uphill from there.

    • SUE Speaks March 30, 2018

      Actually, the first three of his books shaped my world, helping me see a bigger picture than the scientific materialism that rules our day. It warms my heart just to be thinking about those books. They were on the now way before Tolle. One of the quotes that live in my head is from Journey to Ixtlan: “In a world where death is the hunter my friend, there’s no time for doubts or regrets. There’s only time for decisions.”

  6. thank you Sue. I love this book and appreciate you for highlighting it.

  7. Turtle River March 15, 2018

    Yes, this is a powerful and helpful book and also touched me as well when I read it.
    Two others have been life-changing – The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle that shows the deep structure of our culture and how our abuse of animals for food and other products is an unrecognized central force driving virtually all our outer and inner problems; and Anastasia by Vladimir Megre that contains teachings about feminine spirituality connected to our Earth by a Siberian recluse.

  8. suespeaks March 12, 2018

    If there is some book that changed your life, please let us know. Give us the title and say something about why it was so meaningful to you. To see how this book gave me my understanding about the nature of the universe, here are things I’ve written about that:

    • Hi Sue and everyone,

      The one book, or rather the series of books, that has completely changed my life and countless other truth seekers worldwide, is The Ra Material, also called The Law of One ( It is available for free download: It’s the most profound information that has ever been conveyed – in this case trance channeled – to humanity from outside the Earth planes. Ra are a social memory complex of sixth density (humanity is currently in third density, moving into fourth), and there is literally nothing that cannot be explained, that does not make sense in the world, with the completely coherent and astoundingly all-encompassing philosophy they conveyed in the 106 channeling sessions in the books. Just give it a try, read a couple of questions and answers (it’s fine to skip the introduction for a start) and see whether it resonates with you. If you want to understand how the universe works, why we are here, where we have come from and where we are going, this is your book(s). -`ღ´-

      • SUE Speaks March 16, 2018

        You are after my own heart, Nia. This material was huge for me when I used to send out monthly packets of material in snail mail, and I would repeatedly include their newsletter. It’s well worth everyone having a look.

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