Jimmy Gilleece for President! A MUST WATCH 2-minutes!

This 2-minute segment from CBS Sunday Morning is a gift for all the heavy hearts at this time in history. Jimmy Gilleece, from Wrightsville Beach, N.C., went to super-human lengths to help a customer who lost a wallet at Jimmy’s, his bar.


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  1. Great story, Great bar owner. Filled with love. Why was her wedding ring in her wallet?

    • SUE Speaks May 20, 2018

      Answer in comments on YouTube: “Having lost a lot of weight I kept my wedding ring in my wallet because I had planned to drop it off to be resized.”

  2. Steve Morey May 4, 2018

    If everyone in the world had this kind of love and compassion toward others we would be living in paradise on earth. One of my favorite quotes is from Osho: “The world can be really a paradise. In fact, there is no other paradise unless we make one here.”

    • SUE Speaks May 7, 2018

      So simple, really. And so obvious. Why don’t we get it? Amazing we choose hatred over love. What to do????

  3. SUE Speaks April 28, 2018

    I looked up what was said in “The Four Feathers,” and found this blurb: “Harry Faversham left England in the 1880s to search for his friends in the King’s army in the Sudan. In his quest, Harry got lost and was near death in the vast deserts of Africa. Then, as his life was ebbing away, he was rescued by an African, Abou Fatma, who cared for him. Stunned by the man’s kindness to a stranger, Harry asked why his new friend had done so much for him. Fatma’s response was direct: “God put you in my way!”

    • Trevor Allen May 6, 2018

      God gives his heart to me
      God gives his love to me
      My heart melts with his heart
      My love melts with his love

  4. Such a beautiful personal story of going the extra mile. Sometimes, trying to save the world, we miss what God is putting right on our doorstep.

    On my mile, in my hometown, Tiruvannamalai, in India, that I’m visiting now, is a thriving NGO I created that supplies disadvantaged village school children. And, I actively support my close friend Anna’s Widows of India Project, giving widows places to live and skills to make handicrafts to sell. Two months ago here, God put a teenage boy, whose alcoholic father had left him and whose mother was diagnosed with a massive tumor, on my doorstep. He was headed for alcoholism and was beating his girlfriend (just like dad). I met the boy through my editor, Chris, who, from an inheritance he’d received, had paid for the mother’s operation and got the family out of their hovel (it was 110 degrees today and even hotter in the concrete box they lived in). The boy comes to my house daily where we exercise together and I give him work and a forum to voice his feelings. He’s off alcohol, goes to Ramana Ashram daily. I’m teaching him meditation (an interesting twist, a Westerner teaching an Indian meditation), and his life is starting to turn around.

    In Robert Altman’s documentary on Mother Teresa, about saving people in the streets in India, she said, “I can only love one person at a time – just one, one, one. So you begin. I began – I picked up one person. Maybe if I didn’t pick up that one person, I wouldn’t have picked up forty-two thousand.”

    Suzanne, your heart knows what I am saying so well. In 1999, I had a small group in Boulder, Colorado, when God put me on your doorstep with only an idea for a means of awakening consciousness. You put me up, sent me people to work with, and introduced me to people the likes of Barbara Marx Hubbard and Russell Targ, who’s now a good friend. And, you did likewise for many other people.

    I love the concept of “God put you in my way,” from the movie, “Four Feathers”:

    Love to you, dear one!

    BTW, an unabashed plug for two charities I support:

    • SUE Speaks April 28, 2018

      Here’s a little synchronicity.The Year of Living Dangerouslyis only one movie I ever paid to see twice, and the second time it was to write down what was said by Billy, a male dwarf played by Linda Hunt, who got a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for it. Billy periodically pulls a folder from a filing cabinet and takes some action based on what it says. Like, why does he visit a dying child that has nothing to do with the plot? When someone asks about this strange practice, Billy explains. He says it’s because his m.o. is to handle what God puts in his path! I’ve taken that directive to heart, where my challenge is to be satisfied with doing small things when there are such big things that need handling in this hurting world.

      There’s a bit of news to me in your description of our beginnings, where I actually am first learning that your Boulder audience was a small one and that you weren’t already on top of what you ended up delivering so masterfully. I presumed you already were a big success because what I saw was a star! But, not news about your friendship with Russell Targ, who counts a Radical Awakening session with you (“never take another workshop to find yourself again”) as one of the milestones on his spiritual path.

      • Forever thankful that God put me in your path, Suzanne.

        • SUE Speaks May 17, 2018

          Likewise. You know your Radical Awakening work (“Never take another workshop to find yourself again!) was a consciousness benchmark for me.

  5. Brian Wadlow April 17, 2018

    This guy is amazing!!! Not just the time and expense to find the wallet but to then open his home to someone in need. THIS is what the world needs more of!

    • SUE Speaks April 17, 2018

      Right on, Brian. This got me crying real tears for how good human beings can be — even the second time I watched it, showing it to my assistant to post it, there were the tears again. It was on CBS Sunday Morning, where, in fact, there’s hardly a program where something or more than one thing gets my waterworks going!

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