Jimmy Gilleece for President! A MUST WATCH 2-minutes!

This 2-minute segment from CBS Sunday Morning is a gift for all the heavy hearts at this time in history. Jimmy Gilleece, from Wrightsville Beach, N.C., went to super-human lengths to help a customer who lost a wallet at Jimmy’s, his bar.

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  1. Brian Wadlow April 17, 2018

    This guy is amazing!!! Not just the time and expense to find the wallet but to then open his home to someone in need. THIS is what the world needs more of!

    • SUE Speaks April 17, 2018

      Right on, Brian. This got me crying real tears for how good human beings can be — even the second time I watched it, showing it to my assistant to post it, there were the tears again. It was on CBS Sunday Morning, where, in fact, there’s hardly a program where something or more than one thing gets my waterworks going!

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