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We Need a Conversation About How to Reorganize the World

Green World

Bopping along through history, with different players but a through line, we go from the emergence of primitive human who took hundreds of thousands of years to even start to use tools, to the more modern eras where we have moved though thinking we could own human beings to recognizing that ALL people, whatever their religion, sexual orientation, or skin color, have an equal place at the humanity table.

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Listen up, Richard Branson is speaking.

The New York Times
Richard and Holly Branson: A Father-Daughter Conversation

Can we pass an amendment to the Constitution so Richard Branson can be President? What he says at the end of remarks about how businesses should treat employees, when he’s asked, What do you think those in positions of power should do to address social problems like income inequality?, is THE succinct pinpointing of where we are stuck. A world run by profit is not a world that works for the good of people. What he just mentions in passing to conclude the interview should have flashing neon lights all around it to draw the public’s attention to the bottleneck that is preventing our next evolutionary step. How to get over this HUGE hump? I was heartened to see how cogently he talks about a Basic Income Guarantee, a track I’ve been on since before we were even talking about this in the States, and was even more heartened when he went beyond that specific idea to urge businesses to become responsible change agents rather than narrow-minded profit seekers.

The conclusion of the piece in The New York Times:

David: What do you think those in positions of power should do to address social problems like income inequality?

Richard: A basic income should be introduced in Europe and in America. It’s great to see countries like Finland experimenting with it in certain cities. It’s a disgrace to see people sleeping on the streets with this material wealth all around them. And I think with artificial intelligence coming along, there needs to be a basic income.

David: Because of job displacement?

Richard: I think A.I. will result in there being less hours in the day that people are going to need to work. You know, three-day workweeks and four-day weekends. Then we’re going to need companies trying to entertain people during those four days, and help people make sure that they’re paid a decent amount of money for much shorter work time.

David: That’s a pretty rosy vision of what business can do. Is it really so simple?

Holly: If all businesses start doing the right thing for their communities and the world as a whole, all of the world’s problems could be solved.

Richard: If we can get every business in the world to adopt a global problem, get slightly smaller businesses to adopt a national problem, get smaller businesses still to adopt local problems, then we can get on top of pretty well every problem in the world.


Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, 1911–2011

Horst P. Horst’s “The Mainbocher Corset,” from 1939.
Credit: Horst P. Horst/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

My father was a first generation American, born to Russian immigrants, and, although he became a bigtime lawyer (he was President of his Bar Association and they closed all the courthouses in Nassau County, Long Island, for half a day in his honor when he died), he and my mother were more intent on making a success of his practice than on paying attention to the arts. I learned about being chic from a couple of years I spent working for Horst P. Horst, a Vogue photographer, booking the models and scouring New York antique stores for Faberge boxes and the like to put in his ravishing pictures. He’s one of the photographers featured in a show that’s at Los Angeles’s Getty Museum now, that’s written up on the front page of yesterday’s Arts and Leisure section of The New York Times, with this picture of Horst’s included in the article. They say that “the bastard stepchild of the fine art world is finally getting its birthright,” in Icons of Style: A Century of Fashion Photography, 1911-2011.



For thousands of years those of Ra have sought to teach the Law of One to seekers of truth on Earth who wished to learn of the unity or oneness of all things. Through this contact, Ra shared information to help seekers of truth deepen their awareness and acceptance of self and other, and to help Earth move into the emerging fourth density of love and understanding.

For all true seekers, who want to see all the way to origin to understand our place in the scheme of things, this is a body of material not to miss. There are different flavors, if you will, of the same truth of being, and this is one of them. Who knows where that deep knowledge that can guide us comes from? Somehow, there are openings here on earth for it to get in. Mystics and saints through the ages have been doorways. In religions, there are doorways to be found. It matters not whether you have an opinion about channeling, which is where this body of truth came from. It has that same resonance and that’s all that matters. It’s what occurs within you when you’re on one of the authentic paths. Your own awareness is your authority, and those who have had these experiences know that.

If you don’t recognize this, I wish you the understanding that is yet to come. Exposing yourself to documents like this won’t convince you, but, from what starts as an intellectual exercise to take in information can be rewarded many times over from the access that gives to the bigger reality.

On a personal note, I had been a longtime fan of communications delivered as the Law of One, when, in 2,010, I saw that Carla Rueckert, the channel, was on a conference bill in Hawaii. My documentary, What on Earth?, was newly out, so, to be a fellow presenter with Carla, I gave them my film for a screening. Carla, who left us in 2015, was very special. She was so connected to a larger force while at the same time she was so down to earth. I liked her very very much. And, she liked me.

The website for RA and THE LAW OF ONE:



This is the second time around for Yeonmi Park to give what I would have thought was an irresistible message. If it would have been mandatory watching, would the U.S. have addressed this unthinkable situation? Her first video, below, gives her story in-depth. If everyone saw her videos I think our outrage could outweigh Trump‘s indecency.


A speech by Yeonmi Park about life in North Korea and her call for action against such human rights violators.


Surviving King Donald

In that every-so-often assessment one makes about what life is all about and the determinations we make about what’s essential to be satisfied, my latest focus is on how I need to be more loving. In fact, being loving is a key to happiness. It’s more important than being loved. Keeping your heart open, being loving regardless of the object in focus at the time, brings you the goods.

I’m thinking about Trump and how unthinkable he is. However, I can pity this misguided person rather than being infuriated with him. That poor guy has to be who he is. Hatred is justifiable, but, when you look at the goods in life, feeling sorry for Trump trumps loathing him.

That can apply to everyone you hold grudges on. You are justified. They did it. Now what? Do whatever to deal, but bear compassion in mind. They were doing the best they could when they did you dirt.


Is the Goal of Life to Love?

John Burch, who made this 3-minute video, thinks like I think. Watching it, I kept saying yes, yes, yes, feeling like I was heart to heart with him. And, I kept thinking it might be understood by people on all sides of the political and socio economic spectrums, where it would unite us to reach for our highest potential as a world.

How about you? Do you think it could enroll everyone? Do you agree with all his points?

Here are some I especially resonate with:

We are being called “to be as wise and as loving as the system that produced us.”

That “a global community with a culture that works for the benefit of all life is one of our most urgent tasks.”

“The only reliable resource for security in the world today is relationship.”

And, I like this advice for what to do in the face of not knowing how to create that world we can envision:

“Therefore, we must successfully manage the nuclear threat, climate change, water shortage, terrorism and many other issues in order to buy time for the future.”

The older I get the more I think about why I’m here. What’s the point? What’s the goal? How about John Burch’s premise that the goal of life is to love? What do you think?

See more from John on his website: I’m feeling that same heart to heart connection as I keep finding what’s there!


Jimmy Gilleece for President! A MUST WATCH 2-minutes!

This 2-minute segment from CBS Sunday Morning is a gift for all the heavy hearts at this time in history. Jimmy Gilleece, from Wrightsville Beach, N.C., went to super-human lengths to help a customer who lost a wallet at Jimmy’s, his bar.

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Is Another Intelligence Interacting with Us?


“Could extraterrestrials help us save the Earth?”
“We’d have to be dead above the neck if we weren’t interested in this.”

This New York Magazine piece comes on the heels of a The New York Times article that let us know about government interest in UFOs. More and more stories that came from the fringe are all of a sudden popping up in mainstream media.

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A Cosmic Creation Story by Brian Swimme

The Universe is a Green Dragon, by Brian Swimme, is a map of the universe – where it came from and what we are doing in it. I’ve bought more than a thousand copies. It’s the most important book I’ve ever read. See all the 5-star reviews, including mine, that will bowl you over with how unusual and how wonderful this book is:

Our Shocking Ignorance about Guns & Prisons

(Please leave your comments here and not on YouTube.)

This gun thing is making me mad. What is wrong with us that Japan has no school shootings and that we ignore the gun regulations they employ? HELLO OUT THERE. I’m talking to us. My side. We are ignoring what would fix this problem. Show everyone this video and the whole thing is solved. How come I never knew anything about Japan’s success until I stumbled on this video? This is insane.

I have the same sort of feelings about our prison system. Norway has one that works. Their recidivism rate is 20% and ours is 76.6%. Why aren’t we having any conversations about their radically different way of treating prisoners? Michael Moore even did a segment about this in his recent documentary, and it’s more insanity that it’s still unknown.

It’s urgent that humanity become a caring species. We are in it together. Gun regulations and prison reforms can be the forerunners of revamping everything to run on caring instead of on the greed and vengeance that we are run by now. We have the information about what works. It is incontrovertible. Let’s hear from you. How can everyone get wised up?