UFOs being taken seriously

Leslie Kean, one of the SUE Speaks heroes, is central to this story.

The New York Times piece hinted that they actually have recovered materials. So when those facts might spill out, we might get material confirmation there’s something going on. Until that time, until we have credible scientists telling us this material is otherworldly, I think short of aliens visiting us, that will be the next revelation…Imagine the impact on religion. On belief. You can throw so many things out. Certainly our anthropocentric view of the world.”

‘X-Files’ Creator Chris Carter on That New York Times UFO Expose: Told You So

“Now that this story has come out, it is some validation,” Fox showrunner tells EW.

Oh, now you believe in alien life? That’s basically “X-Files” creator Chris Carter’s response to reporters asking him about the recent New York Times piece that exposed the Pentagon’s secret U.F.O. program.

“Now that this story has come out, it is some validation,” Carter told EW, referring to the art-imitating-life plot of his long-running Fox series about two FBI agents investigating paranormal events.

The magazine then asked Carter if in his research for the Fox series he’s ever heard “things back-channel that credibly suggested there might be some reality to UFO reports?”

“I visited the Pentagon several years ago and it was clear something else was going on there. I met with somebody whose job was part of a group that was roughly in the same area as described as the fifth floor of the C Ring [where the recent UFO project was run],” Carter told EW.

“Their job is to think about the future and where the U.S. will be in the future, what its interests will be, and what they’ll need to defend — and everything had to do with space and off-planet,” he said. “Without them actually saying ‘aliens,’ there was a suggestion that they were more than earthbound researchers.”

Cue the “X-Files” theme music. Read the full EW interview here.

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