We Need a Conversation About How to Reorganize the World

Bopping along through history, with different players but a through line, we go from the emergence of primitive human who took hundreds of thousands of years to even start to use tools, to the more modern eras where we have moved though thinking we could own human beings to recognizing that ALL people, whatever their religion, sexual orientation, or skin color, have an equal place at the humanity table.

While this progression of freedom has been taking place, there has been another track of how people organize themselves. From hunter-gatherer nomadic bands to agriculture and then money to be able to interact in a more complex society than the village, and we get the clear separation among those who have more and those who have less. The push of history is for some to excel and others to be deeply deprived – an unstable relationship that leads to crime and war.

Where the threat of extinction is a possibility, we need a radical rethinking to invent a next phase of human relationship. A better way for humanity to engage is essential to assure we will not go the way of all other species who disappeared after they played out their time here. Things like nuclear winter could be beyond our control, where nature delivers something of an intensity that made Earth virtually uninhabitable and the chain of evolution had to start again to get to something like us. A meteor could do it. Or an eruption. Or our own hand. And though we only can protect ourselves from nature as best we can and it may not be good enough, on the human front we have power. We can decide that the fate of the earth supersedes our selfish needs and interests. That is what is worth striving for.

We tend to not see the forest for the trees. The conversation about how to reorganize the world is not being had. We talk a lot about this and that, and each thing is worth conversation, but what we don’t talk about is what’s giving rise to all the issues that humans have authority over. That is what we need to be dealing with.


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  1. Brian Wadlow April 17, 2018

    It’s efforts like this that are needed now more than ever. In this climate of divisiveness and anger, we are in need of conversations that will lead to action to bring us together and work toward a common goal that will elevate us all.

    • SUE Speaks April 17, 2018

      How strange we aren’t having such conversations now, and after some more prep on my site I’ll be going great guns to get such a thing going!

  2. Yes, there are many people out there who are looking for new ways of being and new ways of interacting with each other. One group exploring this is World Harmony. They have a fabulous vision and are in the process of trying to make this a reality. You can find out more about them at I think you would really enjoy connecting with them in some way.

    • SUE Speaks April 14, 2018

      Checked out World Harmony. It’s daunting to try to take in all they have on the site. I wonder if they will be successful with the HUGE agenda they have, but god bless if they can be. I’ve got a sort of microcosm of an intention, which is to deal with our worldview. One thing. How to shift it? Then everything changes.

  3. Nisha Money MD, MPH, ABIHM April 12, 2018

    Well stated, Suzanne. An important conversation to be had. I’ve heard it said it may just take an ‘alien invasion’ for all the humans to unite and look out for each other on this planet of ours. Delving into more of the psyche of our relationship with nature and caring for this planet comes forward when many feel taken care of and nurtured. It is stated that 96-98% of our population on earth are struggling to survive on less than $2/day. If we were all in a position to share and support one another, inclusive of the earth’s ground and atmospheres, we would surely all flourish and not just have the few having the opportunity to thrive and the majority just looking to survive. Our fate is also hand in hand with the fate of this planet’s care and evolution, which is often grounded in raising the consciousness of the strong ‘I’s’ into strong ‘We’s’.
    Just my 2 cents, for however it may be of value and worth.

    • SUE Speaks April 12, 2018

      Priceless 2 cents. Yes to all. I think Eisenhower was the source of that alien idea — and is why I got so plugged into the crop circles. It wouldn’t have to be an invasion or anything embodied to put the world into a peaceful conversation that could be game-changing. Just knowing other intelligence exists would be so good for us, making us rethink how we have ourselves positioned as the big cheese of the universe. Some humility would very much become us.

  4. Liza Persky April 11, 2018

    A next phase of human relationship is exactly what we need. How we make a change is the question. Will be reading all your posts to get some wisdom.

  5. Giorgio Piacenza March 2, 2018

    Dear Suzanne: Your questions and proposals are important. In fact, crucial. We need to collectively wake up or else stupidly destroy our lives, that of animals, plants in this wonderful world of life and opportunity! As you know, a major question is how to stimulate a healthy engagement in society in order to care about these issues. So many individuals do not care and most opinion and cultural leaders (orthodox and non-orthodox) are doing their own thing.

    I also think that a collective realization that we actually are engaging a more technologically advanced, “non-human” intelligence would force more of us out of our comforting denials. By realizing we are a speck of aware reality among trillions and trillions and trillions of such specks, our sense of self-sufficiency, hubris or pride may diminish. But, in order not to remain floored by this realization that we are not unique or special (or perhaps not even a product of isolated evolution in our planet), a realization that may be compounded by a nightmare failure of our political-economic systems, we will have to agree upon a meta-theoretical basis in which all of reality is interconnected and under rules of engagement which demand respect from civilizations which understand this.

    In this integrative and interpretive basis, the shared truths in religions, all fields of knowledge, science, consciousness would be understood as necessary aspects. The singular and plural in terms of the objective and subjective as Ken Wilber proposes. Then, if this meta-philosophy serves to explain the physics involving macro scale effects of space-time manipulation and the use and meaning of consciousness, a shared world philosophy would become plausible.

    Thus, I think that we first need to be shocked out of our complacency by a revelation that we are not alone, that we are not so special that the cosmos rolls around us. Then, we will need an explanation providing practical effects (a more “magical” technology) and an unquestionable understanding that all of reality is connected.

    Such realizations would contradict our animalistic, self-centered, egotistic adaptations that constantly separate us into self-assertive clans that conflict with each other. Then, either our human nature already contains the flexibility to adapt (through education and community) to the more consciously connected socio-political system that would logically follow or we would find ways to activate (or perhaps modify) our genetic potential that would surpass our basic status, fear-based and short thinking self-assertive, animalistic tendencies.

    Thus, the future human evolutionary process may be marked by 1) Shock and Surprise 2) The Need for Re-evaluation 3) Comprehensive-Practical Integrative Meta-Theory (or Meta-Theories) 3) Self-directed modification and/or enhancement of our human nature.

    • SUE Speaks April 14, 2018

      Wow, Giorgio, you need to be on the committee to reorganize the world. How well thought-out this all this. So as not to put the reader off from taking it all in, I took the liberty of changing “will” to “would” in the second line of your second paragraph. I hope I don’t distort your meaning by removing the certainty of us ascertaining there is other intelligence. Even if there is, who knows if we ever will have proof of it, and, in the meantime, it behooves us to look for other ways to get us all into one peaceful exploration of how to change the way we run the world.

      I hadn’t thought of genetic manipulation to get us on another track, but maybe. The world is so much more mysterious and phantasmagorical than we give credence to that it behooves us to think outside all boxes when contemplating possibilities!

  6. Giorgio Piacenza March 1, 2018

    Question is why many people aren’t just “informed” about the main issues of our times but also care about lofty ideals for the world’s betterment? Yes, the solutions are here but the political will is not. And, the bastion of liberty under the new Republican ethos is endangering American democracy, where fake news seems to have as much influence or more than facts. But why? Inborn predispositions. The lack of a close-knit community with wise elders and shared knowledge, and too many competing ideologies to sort out without time to live life on a human scale. Thus, the world is “developing,” but it’s impersonal and catering to the glory of the individual, still mired in an emotional system in which correct solutions cannot match the drives inspired by facile, populist, ethnocentric, power-and-glory-driven solutions. And, still, there’s is a sense that we can do better as a species. But, how to implement the sanest policies and solutions if many political leaders, in an era of institutional decay, are self-serving and corrupt? Could it be human-nature genetic modification? Hybridizing with ETs? A shocking cultural and systemic crisis? Energies being sent by the central Sun to raise the vibratory frequency? The heroic efforts of thousands of conscious, caring individuals? Because ideas – even if correct – may not be enough.

    • SUE Speaks April 14, 2018

      Well, yes. “Ideas” to be sought aren’t just more enlightened understandings. They are out there, but how to get buy-in is the big question, and the mission of SUE Speaks to deal with.

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