Conversation As If Our Lives Depended On It

The Conversation: An Introduction

 Figuring out how to go from greed to compassion as the bottom line of our worldview

To lovers of truth,
forward thinkers, self-aware spirits,
and fighters for justice

We need a new vision. The last big wave was about becoming self-aware and the one that’s coming is about thinking of ourselves together. For our best chance to handle threats from nature and from ourselves we need a shift of worldview to where we relate to one another cooperatively.

This is a call to people who have a passion for the greater good to engage in a dialogue about what to do to bring about this shift. That’s what this conversation is for — to look for what changes could be made that move us into caring for each other as much as we care about ourselves.

Is there some idea you have for helping that shift come about? Mine is to get everyone talking about the need for a new worldview. Until we get an understanding about this, we’ll be seeing the trees and ignoring the forest. Would you have another idea about where a focus should be?

See Outside the Box Ideas for what has turned up in the Conversation. Recently, it’s been Universal Basic Income to counter homelessness and the other ills of extreme poverty. Taking care of everyone would get us in a groove of mutuality. What else?

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Victoria Moran

Sue, you never cease to amaze me. In the 20 years that I’ve known you, you have continually reinvented yourself and your means of outreach to continually nudge people out of complacency and into change. You never give up, and that tells all of us that these values and these intentions are worth staying around to stand up for. You rock!

Andy Cohen

Sue! I’ve just been fishing around the site and I love the conversation you’re starting here and the great work you do. Hope to see you soon and keep posting! XOXO ANDY

Larry Dossey, MD

Perhaps there was a time when we could afford to be nonchalant and leisurely engaged in our citizenship in the world. If so, those times have passed. Urgency is in the air, and time is not on our side. We are the first generation who can, yes, see an end. Citizen action, marinated in love, can see us through.

As novelist Alice Walker says, “Anything we love can be saved.” And as poet W.H. Auden said in the 1930s, “We must love one another or die.”

Pretty much sums it up. Count me in.

~ Larry Dossey, MD

Beautiful, Suzanne! Ever since I’ve known you, you have always engaged people in relevant and purposeful conversations. I feel honored to have participated in your living room salons, so many many moons ago — and I’m so excited that you have invited us into this conversation now. Thank you for your timeless commitment and leadership. And I’m curious too. Since there are quite a few ideas on how to engage in meaningful conversations – some with lots of rules and some a bit too open – I’m excited to see how this unfolds. Personally, I’m most fond of David Bohm’s… Read more »
Brian Swimme
Hi Suzanne, I love your idea of generating conversation. I am deeply convinced that openhearted conversations are powerful pathways forward in this time. The word “conversation” can be understood in various ways, some trivial, some significant. I tend to think of the word in two related ways which I’ll throw down here just to see what you think of them. In generating a conversation we are hoping to engage the magical power of synergy to probe the most important ideas of the 21st century. I call that the local version. Second, in generating conversations we’re trying to provide a pathway… Read more »
Rosalind Robinson
Rosalind Robinson

What a wonderful project you have created Suzanne! I will admit some confusion about priorities between work in/on the current political climate, and your broader scope towards a kinder, gentler consciousness. I’ll be very interested to see what people have to say about integrating the two.


There shouldn’t be any competition for time spent. What we’re looking for is what would capture all of humanity in a new idea. Like my fascination with crop circles, where the evidence is they came from something other than us. Now, there’s just us humans fighting with one another, but if we knew there was another intelligence humanity would be one entity in relation to “the other,” and, as someone in my movie, “What on Earth?,” says, “That could be what saves this civilization.”